Jan Resseger, a social justice activist in Ohio, writes here about John Kasich and his lack of knowledge of his own education policies. In one of the most recent presidential debates, Kasich boasted about the rebirth of Cleveland public schools and pretended that he knew how to fix the Detroit public schools.


As Resseger writes, he is wrong about Cleveland and Detroit. His policy has been to disinvest in public schools and to rely on charters. Ohio has some of the worst charters in the nation. His plan for Youngstown was hatched behind closed doors, and it follows the ALEC script of a state takeover, followed by privatization.


Kasich implied that mayoral control might fix the public schools in Detroit, but mayoral control hasn’t helped the public schools of Cleveland. Of course, he didn’t know that Detroit had mayoral control for a few years, but the voters vetoed it. That mayor, if memory serves, subsequently went to jail for something he did wrong.


Kasich plays the role of the adult among a bunch of squabbling kids. But when it comes to education, he is as clueless as the rest of them.