Michael Petrilli is president of the conservative Thomas B. Fordham Institute. I argue with him about almost everything related to education. I have known Mike for many years, since the days when I was on the Dark Side with him. We have email exchanges where we argue. We seldom reach agreement, but we never turn mean. I used to say that I thought one day Mike would realize he was wrong, as I did nearly ten years ago. I was probably wrong to predict that he would have an epiphany, a change of heart, actually find his heart, and it may undermine his funding from the far-right if I say it again (should I say it again?) He is set in his ways, as I once was. I changed. Can he? He probably won’t. TBF joined the vile and anti-democratic ALEC. Shame on them (and Mike).

His saving grace: he has a sense of humor. He can laugh at himself.

This is Mike’s Halloween costume.