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Fairtest: The Uprising Against High-Stakes Tests Grows

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The other day I went to a book party to launch Jesse Hagopian’s new book “More Than a Score: The Néw Uprising Against High-Stakes Tests.” The book is a collection of short essays by activists across the nation. Someone with a guitar sang “We Shall Overcome.” A grassroots movement begins. And, as we see in this post, grows, week by week.

Ever-strengthening assessment reform pressure has kept proposals to roll back test misuse and overuse at the center of education policy debates on Capitol Hill and in many state capitals across the country. This week’s news stories, opinion columns, and advocacy resources come from 22 states as well as Washington, DC

Email Congress Now to Demand Less Federal Testing, End to High-Stakes

FairTest Statement to Congress — Grade-Span Exams, No Punitive Consequences

Independent Test Results Show NCLB Fails to Boost Achievement, Narrow Gaps

U.S. Senate Seems Unlikely to Push for Test-Based Teacher Ratings
Sign This Open Letter to Sec. Duncan on Teacher Evaluation

Opt-Out Week in Arizona

Colorado Teachers Respond to State Report Documenting Test Overkill

A Path Forward for Reducing Testing in Colorado

Florida Parents Defy High-Stakes Tests; Lawmakers Listening

Southwest Florida Group Targets Testing Volume and High-Stakes

Editorial: Throttle Down on Florida’s Overzealous School Testing

Georgia State Super to Feds: Stop “Measure, Pressure, and Punish” Policies

Bill Would Award High School Diplomas to Georgians Denied Them By Exit Exam

New PARCC Test Sparks Angst Among Illinois Parents and Educators

Stand-off Escalates Over Chicago Schools’ Snub of Federal, Illinois Testing Rules

Opt-Out Bill Filed in Illinois Legislature

Indiana Educators Feel Tested to the Limit by New State Exams

Louisiana Opt Out Campaign Gets Attention of State Education Board

Governor’s Executive Order Lets Louisiana Students Opt Out of PARCC Exams

Some Maine Parents Balk at Having Kids Take Standardized Tests

Maryland Students Stressed by Testing Overkill

Massachusetts State Test a Flawed Measure of School Quality

Tests Don’t Improve New Mexico Schools; Economic Opportunity Would

New Jersey’s Landmark Polling on Testing: What it Means

Educators, Parents Urge New Jersey Commission to Drop or Delay New State Tests

Bill Filed to Establish Opt-Out Procedures. Bar “Sit-and-Stare”

New York City Parents Urged to Opt-Out of Testing Obsession

North Carolina Superintendents, Education Advocates Join Effort to Reduce School Testing

North Dakota Legislation Would Allow Parents to Opt Their Children Out of Standardized Tests

Ohio Lawmakers Favor Plan to Trim Testing Time

Oklahoma PTA Urges Parents to Opt Out of Field Tests

Growing Pennsylvania Opt-Out Movement Shows Growing Resistance to High-Stakes Testing

Hearing Set on Bill to Repeal Pennsylvania Graduation Exam Requirement

Texas Tests Can’t Measure What Really Matters

Virginia Senate Advances Bill to Further Reduce State Testing Mandates

Four Seattle Washington Teachers Refuse to Administer State Test

Washington Students Lobby State Legislators: Junk the Science Test

Wisconsin School Ratings Must Account for Effects of Poverty

Researchers Urge Sec. Duncan to Drop Test-Driven Teacher Prep Regulations

Conservative Columnist Endorses “Choose to Refuse” Common Core Tests

Why Won’t High-Stakes Testing True Believers Face Reality?

Activists Share Strategies for Opting Out at Florida Conference

How “School Reform” Failed the Test

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