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In addition to lots of other testing news, several states that contract with Questar, a for-profit subsidiary of the Educational Testing Service, recently experienced significant disruptions of their computerized standardized exams. In three — New York, Ohio and Tennessee — the entire assessment system crashed. The latest failures add to the evidence that corporate and ideological forces rushed these technologies into the marketplace before they were ready for prime time. See FairTest’s chronology of computer testing problems at:

Florida State Seeks to Delay Stricter Grad Test Rules

Georgia District Tells Opt-Out Parents to Keep Kids Home for Two Weeks
Georgia Top State Court Refuses to Hear Educators Test Cheating Appeal

Maryland Computer Testing Is Another Challenge for Low-Income Students

Massachusetts Student and Her Mother Blog About Problems with State Testing

Michigan Standardized Tests Dull Learning

Minnesota Legislature’s Test-Driven School Ranking System Needs Overhaul

Mississippi Technical Problems Interrupt State Computerized Test
Mississippi State Renews $10 Million Testing Contract Despite Recent Exam Administration Disruption
Mississippi What’s a Test For?

New Jersey PARCC’s Long Goodbye

New Mexico Legislators Push Back Against Governor’s Test-Based Retention Plan

New York After Epic Fail of State Testing, Parents Seek Removal of Education Commissioner

North Dakota New Education Dashboard Goes Beyond Test Scores, Includes Student Engagement—480534231.html

Ohio Statewide Computer Testing System Crashes
Ohio School Grades Are Not Understandable

Oregon Latino Students, Standardized Testing and Opting Out

Pennsylvania Opt-Out Numbers Growing
Pennsylvania Teacher Writes Anti-Test Poetry While Proctoring Exams
Pennsylvania “Kiss My Assessment,” More High-Stakes Poetry

Tennessee Statewide Computerized Testing System Fails for Third Year in a Row
Tennessee Parents Pull Children Out of Testing
Tennessee Legislators Drop Consequences From This Year’s Flawed Tests

Texas High Time for State Testing Burnout
Texas Why Do They Test?

Washington New System for Evaluating Schools Is Being Implemented
Washington Time to Opt Out

University Admissions SAT Documentary “The Test and the Art of Thinking” Opens Across the U.S.

International Why British Parents Will Boycott School Tests

Worth Reading Why Can’t We Assess Like We Were Assessed?
Worth Reading I Lied to My Students Today

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FairTest: National Center for Fair & Open Testing
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