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Fairtest: Testing Resistance Across the Nation

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When Congress returns from its Independence Day recess on July 7, the U.S. Senate is scheduled to take up bipartisan legislation to overhaul “No Child Left Behind.” The bill the Senate will consider significantly reduces federal test-based accountability requirements but continues the federal mandate to test every child every year in elementary and middle school. Grassroots pressure on your two U.S. Senators can make the federal government follow the lead of many states in reversing policies that encourage standardized exam overuse and misuse.

National Help Roll Back Federal Testing Overkill — Urge Your U.S. Senators to Support the Tester Amendment Now!

Major Education Groups to Congress: Get Rid of “No Child” Law Already

California Principal Backs Down From Punishing Students Whose Families Opted Out of State Tests

Delaware Lawmakers Overwhelmingly Approve Opt Out Bill, Forward to Governor for Signature

District of Columbia How Standardized Tests Are Impeding Learning

Florida No Word on Penalties for Test Maker After Computer Exam Problems

Florida School Board Says State Downplaying Extent of Computer Test Foul Up Impact

Indiana District Supers Say Don’t Evaluate Schools With Unsound Test Data

Massachusetts Support of High-Stakes Exams Misses the Immeasurable

Minnesota Testing Faces Big Cuts

Missouri Districts Still Waiting for Delayed Testing Results

Montana Feds Should Not Punish State for Testing Company Screw-ups

Montana Two Teachers Run for State Education Superintendent to Reign In Testing

New Jersey One Step Closer to Banning K-2 Standardized Tests

New Mexico 10,000 Opted Out Statewide Because They Know the Score About PARCC Tests

New York Relaxes Gag Rule Preventing Teachers From Discussing Test Questions

New York Reasons to Be Hopeful for Assessment Reform

Ohio School Testing Metrics Punish Disadvantaged Districts and Students

Ohio Poised to Drop PARCC Test

Oregon Signs Bill Making Test Opt Outs Easier Despite Arne Duncan’s Threats

Oregon New Law Could Lead to More Opt Outs

Pennsylvania Local School Board Passes Resolution Urging State to Ease Up on Testing

Pennsylvania Spanish Speaking Students Say “No” to Standardized Tests

Tennessee: Are Test Statistics a True Measure of Learning in Public Schools?

Virginia Meeting Testing Goals Harder as Number of English Language Learners Soars

Washington Test-Makers Blame Scheduling Problems for Scoring Delay
Washington Graduation at Risk for 2,000 Due to Political Stalemate on Testing

University Admissions: June SAT Timing/Scoring Error Leads to Calls for Summer Retest, Refunds, and Rebates

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