NCLB (No Child Left Behind) Testing

FairTest: Congress Moving Swiftly on NCLB Revision: Act Now

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FairTest sent out a blast email to urge everyone to contact their Senator or Congressman before it is too late. This is an opportunity to reduce federal testing mandates. If we don’t act now, we will be stuck with NCLB testing every year for at least the next seven years:



Hi everyone.


Congress is moving swiftly.


The House plans a committee vote in the next two weeks followed by full House floor debate the last week of February. Education Committee Chairman John Kline supports testing every grade. Those of us who want grade-span testing and flexibility must over-ride Kline in committee or win a floor amendment. Rep. Gibson’s grade-span testing bill provides a vehicle.


In the Senate, the HELP committee is expected to act before the end of the month with the full Senate taking it up shortly after. Chair Alexander’s ‘option 1’ on assessment provides an vehicle, but he also has ‘option 2’ which retains every-grade testing.


In both cases, however, it will not be easy to win. Our only real chance is grassroots pressure.


Attached and below find our latest call for people to contact their Senators and Representatives (with link to do so).


If you have not yet shared this with your people, please do so. If you already have, please do it again next week. As we know, people often miss their email messages, say they will get to it later then don’t, etc. In other words, repeated asks is the way to go.



Monty Neill

Dear Friends,

You can help stop Congress from reauthorizing a No Child Left Behind law that locks in another decade of testing overkill. Email your U.S. Senators and Representative today.


Tell them to scale back standardized testing to once each in elementary, middle and high school and end punitive sanctions. With strong grassroots pressure, we can win. So write now!


Congress’ decision will control what states and districts can do for years to come. Your voice is needed to put policy makers on a better track.


Washington, D.C. is acting quickly. Bills will move in both House and Senate in the next few weeks. That leaves very little time.


Send your email now!


Thank you,


Monty Neill, Executive Director


The complete link is

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