In this post, EduShyster includes an actual, genuine report card received by a fifth-grade student in Massachusetts, whom she calls “Ginny.”


You must see it to believe it.


The report card has room for grades in history and social studies, but the spaces are blank. No time for such arcane stuff.


EduShyster checks the history framework for fifth-graders. It is ambitious. But the student was not exposed to any of it.


Now I can guess what you’re thinking—does Ginny really need to learn any of this old timey stuff anyway, since she can just look it up on her phone when she gets to college? Also, maps are SO over as we have GPS now, and by the time Ginny learns to drive her car will drive itself. Also, also, democracy seems to be on its way out anyway, so far better that Ginny devote her time to practice choosing between some predetermined choices.


Is this how we prepare our future citizens?