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Dog Lovers Return to the White House!

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The Bidens will bring two dogs, Champ and Major, with them to the White House. And they plan to get a cat as well.

Both of the Biden dogs are German Shepherds. Major, the younger one, was adopted from a shelter in Delaware.

Major, in particular, has a “wags to riches” tail.

He’ll soon be the first dog to go from a shelter to the White House. That shelter, the Delaware Humane Association, plans to “indogurate” Major on Sunday in a virtual ceremony. (People and pets alike are invited to attend.)

Though Major is digging up new ground as the first shelter pup in the White House, he follows in the pawprints of Yuki, another rescue to reside with the first family. 

“He is the friendliest, and the smartest, and the most constant in his attentions of all the dogs that I’ve known,” said Yuki’s owner (and President) Lyndon B. Johnson. 

Johnson was fond of singing with the white terrier mix. His daughter picked up Yuki at a gas station in Johnson City, Texas, according to the Presidential Pet Museum.

President Trump is the first president in more than a century not to have a dog. William McKinley had only cats and birds, including a parrot named Washington Post.

Just goes to show: Never trust a man or woman who doesn’t like dogs.

A Trump supporter attacked Biden for “wasting taxpayer dollars” on the Delaware Humane Society’s “Indoguration” fundraiser. But it is not paid for with public funds!

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