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Detroit: What Happens if Teachers Are Not Paid?

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Dear BlessedDamPoet and Lloyd Lofthouse, and any of you who follow me here.
Ah! But of course the values of the past are gone and so are neighborhoods, communities, religous institutions, … so are nuclear families where grandma & grandpa have voices in that little society called a family.
Grandparents interacted with younger members, sharing values, instead of pining away for company in a senior home. Neighborhoods are gone, too. The local cabbie, or corner grocer, told my brother to get home or face an angry mother. Everyone knew everyone and were social!

Religious institutions are seeing declines as television morality replaces the commandments, and ‘collateral damage’ is acceptable and even, expected, t when you need to get the job done.
No wonder few people are kind these day.

Ya know, I opened every year , at ESMS, as I faced those 12 year old kids, by reading the introductory paragraph in that fabulous book, ‘In the Absence of the Sacred’ by Jerry Mander (yeah…that’s his NAME)
And FYI… the adjective ‘sacred’ does not mean ‘religious.’ but it means CRUCIAL FOR SURVIVAL of the tribe, the people, the nation. the society.
The book began with the words: “I was born in 1938, and back then there were no….and he goes on to describe OUR world back then… no air conditioning, tvs, jet planes…etc…”. his final words… “everything has changed”

What a perfect way to take these kids on a trip to see what was,!
To ask them to compare it to what they saw in the past, to what they see ,now, in their own world. After all, my humanities teammate was looking at history, why not look at stories to see how people behaved, how literature captured human behavior through eons.

Did I mention that no common core crap was required and i chose the stories,the movies and the readings that facilitated critical thinking… but I digress….

I had actually been born . a few years later, in 1941, but the list of transformative things was the same.
I wanted to acknowledge,— that FIRST day in that classroom, to those children who would her my voice every day for 10 months — that I knew, of course, that everything changes! But I wanted them to witness things, and to decide what changed for the worse, or things that which should not have changed — things that make human beings special, like empathy, and kindness

I wanted them to know that if a SOCIety is to endure, then those practices and positive behaviors that benefited the SOCIety in the past,— must be passed on, because no change should undo those wonderful societal benefits that sacred values enabled!

Tribes, cities and nations survive when there is a healthy SOCIety, and what has changed, what is absent are those values that underly a great SOCIETY.

The CON men out there, have even ‘twisted’ the word ‘socialism’ so it is regarded by IGNORANT people, as some ‘dreaded economic’ process of a government out to take your treasures. BOO!!!!!! The government is gonna get you! But, if you are really using your eyes, then one can see that ALL successful modern nations ensure health care and education…Does that make them undemocratic. Teachers who teach that all people deserve equal treatment under the law, are socialists??? LOL HU.

Instead of promoting the common good — the actual purpose of that SOCIAL Contract which is THE CONSTITUTION — these scoundrels con the the people into believing that BIG government wants your stuff. Imagine guys, our people are being told a new version of the charter that hangs in the barn. History is being rewritten and the people are buying it.

In the absence of the sacred, “THEIR” values are easily sold to a society where the people have forgotten what once worked… like compromise and cooperation.

IF THERE IS NO ACCESS TO THE PAST then the people cannot learn from history and literature! As education is destroyed our history is being re-written… not by ‘socialist teachers,( H.U) but by these guys!

That should scare everyone
But, that is what you get when teachers like Lloyd Lofthouse, Dan Geery and Susan Schwartz are not permitted the AUTONOMY TO decide what the kids need to read and consider, in order to become critical thinkers.

For anyone reading this, in case you DO NOT really know “these guys” — who make a million dollars every day and think of us as their ‘serfs’.

Jerry Mander explains that — Once upon a time — if a man saw a goose, then he knew for sure, that it existed near him. Now, it is impossible to know what is real, or true… >> even though he can clearly see that the world around him is falling apart!
This, dear BlessedPoet, and Lloyd, is bad enough, because the ‘average joe’ hardly knows whom to believe!

That 52 inch color Hd screen, —that window on the world — offers a false-reality which fools our people into believing utter lies, and accepting the values SOLD to them by the top-dogs who OWN the media — pundits and all the politicos (except Bernie and LIZ!)

Exhausted and hurting at the end of a day, the ‘average joanie’ has no lull in which to actually reflect. In between her job, her texting and the work of caring for a family, it is easier to accept the campaign swill where LIES are the NEW TRUTH!

So, the captains & the kings, hire the ‘expert manipulators’ to sell our exhausted, ignorant citizens THEIR values, using hidden persuaders:

The media tells our citizens what to do– how to “be ‘ strong” — when strength is not what matters. They TELL & Sell our entire culture on fighting —>>> fight , fight fight… because that is what brave people always do. Look at CAPTAIN AMERICA.
Even though brute strength, nuclear weapons and bad manners make matters worse …the television sells critters like Trump!

In the absent of the sacred values that our ancestors — like those indians– knew were positive behaviors, ones like honesty, integrity, dignity, empathy —into THAT void devoid of values, comes the”mad men’ who sell us not merely bad medicine and foods that kill us, but a steady diet of violence and aggression.

Hey…. Reality shows must have a loser, and today ,EVERYTHING, even cooking shows and dancing, is a competition where there are LOSERS!

Need proof of the big sell of aggression?
I did this with my students. I told them to get a piece of paper, and then, make a mark every time a gun, an explosion, fighting, blood, murder, or a problem being solved by dint of being huge and fighting appears as they channel surf all night
I told them to “Make mark for every time, there is an act of aggression.. pushing, bullying, or abusive language…even if the title character, the good-guy the protagonist is the perpetrator.

Another column, on the page was for marks that denoted each time there actually appeared, a real drama —where people learn and grow as people — who change.
I warned the kids not to include a s’drama, insane and inane laugh-track comedy series.
Many kids decided that they needed a column for ‘dumb & dumber” behaviors that go beyond comic, to ridiculous or just plain insane.

I did this in 1993. The children looked at what was happening and told me that they thought that was Tv scaring the people.

Is it any wonder that war, and drugs appear just as education, housing, healthcare and jobs disappear?

Now they can sell our citizens ‘numb-nuts” like Trump. You gotta hear Bill Maher’s New Rule this week.

We have a sick society at the very moment when the brain-washing is so complete, that hundreds of thousands of people have bought the con, and TRUMP personifies the tCON that began with the ‘tea-party’ wing nuts

I don’t like Krugman , but he nailed the CON! Trump is a pathological liar.
You should really read the series of the publisher at my site, Rob Kall, who writes wonderful pieces about sociopaths and psychopaths.
Now, they can sell our citizens ‘numb-nuts” like Trump. You gotta hear Bill Maher’s New Rule this week. Left me wondering if Trump would kill him… for real… assassinate him.

oh, and look at this LOL

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