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Delaware: Parents at Charter School Question Why School Needs Three Co-Administrators

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A charter school in Delaware recently hired a second co-administrator, then hired the chair of the board.

“Odyssey Charter School parents and teachers have been packing board meetings this summer to question the hiring of a new co-administrator, the convening of committee meetings with little public notice and the resignation of a board president rumored to be in line for a full-time job.

“In June, they demanded to know why the board hired a second administrator at $150,000, plus a $7,500 signing bonus to cover health expenses. He will share control of the school with Denise Parks, who will also make $150,000.

“The jobs were not advertised and stakeholders didn’t know about the change in leadership, they said.

“This week, they focused on the resignation of former board president Dimitrios Dandolos and rumors he might be hired for a third administrative job, also making six figures. If he was, they said, Dandolos would be doing many of the things he did for free as board chair.

“Teachers and parents, who have donated thousands of dollars to the school, questioned the need for two, if not three, well-paid administrators.”

In the unregulated world of charter schools, anything is possible. No accountability, no transparency.

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