Troy LaRaviere is principal of Blaine Elementary School in Chicago, which has received many honors.


Troy could rest on his laurels, but instead he keeps speaking out against the injustices done to the children of Chicago by Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Bruce Rauner. He filmed a tape on behalf of Rahm’s opponent, Chuy Garcia. He has written numerous articles protesting budget cuts and unfair treatment of teachers and students.


Recently, the Chicago station WGN interviewed Troy about his beliefs, his candor, and his personal history. Despite the stellar record of his school, Troy LaRaviere was warned by the Chicago Board of Education that he was on thin ice. He seems to revel in skating on thin ice. He wants a city that is better for the children of Chicago, including his own son.


There have been persistent rumors that he might run against Rahm Emanuel in the next election. That is a long way off, and it is hard to see how he can compete with the banks and lawyers that support Emanuel. But it would be one interesting contest.