Capital and Main offers some interesting speculation about what Gavin Newsom might do to change the state board of education.

Governor Jerry Brown was totally on board with unlimited charter expansion. His board rubber-stamped almost every appeal from a charter school that had been denied by school districts.

What will Governor Newsom do?

Bill Raden writes:

This week, the nonprofit education news site EdSource pointed out that, although it will take years to fully reshape the Jerry Brown-appointed, 11-member board, Newsom’s first opportunity will come on his January 7 inauguration day. That’s when current president Michael Kirst, who was instrumental in California’s adoption of dubious Common Core State Standards, retires. Departing a week later will be Trish Boyd Williams, whose pro-charter charter enthusiasm and career ties to corporate-reform cash have been the bane of local school boards. Also leaving in 2019 will be Bruce Holaday. The term of Karen Valdes, who was appointed to fill a vacancy in 2017, ends in January.

The EdSource article that Raden links here explains that Newsom will have a state board in which every member was appointed by Brown.

Currently seven of the 11 members of the board are slated to stay on. If they do, it could take several years before Newsom can put his stamp on the board — and assure continuity from the Brown era that spawned a plethora of landmark reforms over the past eight years.