Here is an interesting list of the bills supported and opposed by the California Charter Schools Association, the most powerful lobby in the state.


It supports a bill to improve facilities financing for charter schools.


It supports a bill that would lower the requirement of school-based instruction from 80% to 60% to benefit blended learning schools.


It opposes a bill that would subject charters to open meeting requirements.


It opposes a bill that would prohibit charter schools from operating in a manner that conflicts with state accountability requirements for special education. The same bill prohibits charter schools that operate for profit. (This bill was vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.)


It opposes a bill that “Requires charter schools to comply with due process requirements related to suspension and expulsion. Adds “the reason for a pupil’s departure” to the list of information that must be provided.” Such requirements, CCSA believes, would impose a burden on charter schools.


It also opposes a bill that “Prohibits authorizers in negative certification from approving charter schools to locate outside of district boundaries.” Thus, the CCSA wants charters that are in “negative certification” to continue to have the power to open charters in multiple districts.