Colorado Corporate Reform Hoax Teacher Evaluations

BREAKING: Corporate Reformers Defeat Effort to Scale Back VAM in Colorado

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The Democratic-controlled House Education Committe in Colorado rejected a bill that would have modified the state’s draconian and pointless teacher evaluation system.

Key testimony against the bill was provided by leaders of the privatization movement who masquerade as reformers.

“Lobbyists from three education advocacy groups — the Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Succeeds and Stand for Children — testified strongly against the bill. Another major reform group, Democrats for Education Reform, was neutral, Arndt said.

“But other witnesses from the Poudre school district — as well as board certified teachers and representatives of the Colorado Education Association, the state’s largest teachers union — urged the committee to pass the bill.
In closing statements before the vote, some committee members clearly were torn.
“I’m really struggling with this one,” said Rep. Dominick Moreno, D-Commerce City.

“With the defeat of the House bill, no other pending bills would alter the state system, which requires that principals and teachers be evaluated half on their professional practice and half on student academic growth.”

FYI, from a Denver source:

“The founder of the Colorado Children’s Campaign is a current Denver Public Schools’ board of Ed member, former lieutenant governor, current CEO of the non-Union schools’ principal training program Catapult. President of Colorado Succeeds is former leg aide to Johnston and helped write SB-191.”

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