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(From the article, where Duncan waxes eloquently about how half of the adult black males in Chicago are disconnected from either work or school and how the “instability” Dunca cites in their neighborhoods is a major factor in causing this. Kudos to the reporter for writing this section, and for what was, overall, a pretty good piece.)

“As for the instability of schools in those same neighborhoods, which have been plagued by massive school closings in recent years — a practice Duncan engaged in at CPS on a smaller scale — Duncan would blame only insufficient state funding and CPS’ revolving door of leaders.”

What?!?! As if he, Arne Duncan—and his steadfast allies, such as the odious Mayor Rahm Emanuel—somehow had nothing to do with any of this, especially “CPS’ revolving door of leaders!”

The absolute gall of this man, Arne Duncan, is simply astonishing.

But I haven’t seen anything disclosing his salary (plus bonuses and “incentives?”)

Could that be because he doesn’t WANT us to know—given the appearance here of a classic “revolving door” public to private move, which typically results in an absolutely obscene pay raise, all due to the former “low paid” public servant now Ca$hing In on those years he made such a “sacrifice” all because he was “so dedicated to serving the public.” Oh, please, Arne.

Is there any way for us to find out HOW MUCH Duncan is raking in here?

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