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Anthony Cody: Time for Some Humility at the Gates Foundation

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Anthony Cody here reviews the annual report of the CEO of the Gates Foundation, Sue Desmond-Hellman, and finds it wanting, specifically its lack of humility and its absence of reflection.


Of course, Gates will “double down” on Common Core, no matter how many educators call for revisions.


But that’s not all. How about some reflection by Gates on the failure of test-based teacher accountability, whether based on “value added” or “student growth”?


How about explaining the debacle in Hillsborough County, Florida, which gave up on the Gates initiative after wasting more than $100 million?


Why no mention of the foundation’s push for charter schools, which replace public schools and divide communities?


Why no candid reflection on the disappointing results of the marketing of more and more technology for the classroom?


All in all, a report that shows a megafoundation incapable or unwilling to review its programs with honesty and integrity.



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