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Another New York School Board Opposes John King Confirmation

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BREAKING: the mother of the seven-year-old victim in the PS 194/Osman Couey physical abuse case announced the filing of a $6 million lawsuit against the NYC DOE, principal, and assistant principal; people who viewed the video of the abuse describe it as being much worse than what was previously reported.

The victim’s mother said her son is now “scared of everything” and wakes up every night thinking that Osman Couey is coming to attack him again.

According to the Reverend Kevin McCall, who works with the civil rights group National Action Network and has been advising the family, the video recording shows Osman Couey lifting the seven-year-old child up and throwing him to the ground–not once, not twice, not three times, but four times. Eventually another teacher intervened to stop the attack.

Fortunately, media outlets and the victim’s attorney have filed legal paperwork requiring the NYC DOE to preserve the video of the attack and to make it available to the public.

The victim’s mother said school officials did not tell her about a teacher picking up and violently shaking and throwing her child for more than five weeks after it happened. They also attempted to gaslight and mislead her, telling her that the child had been acting out, as opposed to suffering from the aftereffects of the attack and serial bullying from other students. The school also took the shocking step of removing the child from his regularly scheduled math class where he would be in contact with Osman Couey, opting to send him to sit in a kindergarten or first-grade class instead, forcing him to miss math instruction for more than a month.

The NYC DOE’s large in-house public relations and media team characterized Osman Couey’s behavior as being “deeply disturbing” but did not provide any details about his long history of yelling at and grabbing/shoving children. They confirmed that the department will not attempt to terminate him for cause, but will rather wait for the outcome of his criminal trial. In the meantime, Osman Couey will continue to receive his full $105,142 salary.

As of 7:35 am EST, a search for “Osman Couey” on did not return a single result. You can read about “New York’s Next Hot Neighborhood” and an essay on how annoying little kids can be while riding the elevator, though.

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