I enjoyed reading this story. I think you will too. It appeared in the National Geographic. It is about a man who fell overboard, was surrounded by sharks and other dangerous creatures, yet managed to survive. What was it? Character. Courage. Hope. Faith. All of the above.


At first, I wondered, does this have anything to do with education?

Yes, I answered myself. We are swimming in shark-infested waters. The sharks want to destroy our public schools. They want to replace teachers with machines and call it “personalized learning.” They want to test our children until they cry. They want to monetize education and put their investment on the New York Stock Exchange. They want to take the money meant for public schools and distribute it to private schools, religious schools, for-Profit schools, and vendors of schlock. They want the public to pay money to schools that discriminate against children of certain groups, practices that are against our civil rights laws. The sharks don’t care about civil rights laws, although they claim to be the leaders of “the civil rights issue of our time.” They don’t care about children either. Don’t ever believe a shark. They lie.

We will survive. We will not let the sharks devour what matters most to us. We will prevail.