Bill McKibben, author and environmental activist, has written a compelling review of Jane Mayer’s new book about the Koch brothers, titled “Dark Money.”


If you want to learn about the big money that is undermining our democracy, this is a good place to start.


“In this election cycle, for instance, the Kochs have publicly stated that they and their compatriots will spend $889 million, more than either the Republican or Democratic parties spent last time around. According to a recent analysis in Politico, their privatized political network is backed by a group of several hundred extremely rich fellow donors who often meet at off-the-record conclaves organized by the Kochs at desert resorts. It has at least 1,200 full-time staffers in 107 offices nationwide, or three and a half times as many as the Republican National Committee. They may be the most important unelected political figures in American history.”


Their father build the family fortune by building oil refineries for Stalin and Hitler. He was a founder of the John Birch society.


Read this book to understand our political scene today.