Tropical Depression

Tropical Cyclone

is a storm system set off by the heat released when moist air rises and condenses. They can produce enormously strong winds, huge waves that flood coastal areas called storm surges, torrential rain, and tornadoes. A tropical depression’s heavy rains and storm surges generate giant floods, and although they have catastrophic effects on human population, it has also been known to lessen drought conditions because they carry massive amounts of moisture. They take heat away from the tropics which is an important means of global atmospheric circulation that maintains balance in the earth’s troposphere.

Tropical depression

Structurally speaking, is a large, rotating arrangement of clouds, wind, and thunderstorms. The main energy source is the discharge of the heat of condensation from water vapor condensing at high elevation; the heat in due course resulting from the sun. Consequently, a tropical depression can be thought of as a massive vertical heat engine sustained by workings driven by physical forces such as gravity of the earth and rotation.

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In another way, tropical depression can be seen as a special type of Mesoscale Convective Complex, which keeps on developing over a gigantic moisture and warmth. Condensation shows the way to higher wind speeds, as small portion of the released energy is converted into mechanical energy. In turn, the faster winds and lower pressure connected to them causes increased surface evaporation and hence more condensation.

These results to factors that provide the structure with enough energy to be independent and cause a positive feedback loop which can draw more energy for as long as the supply of heat, and warm water, remains.

Factors like constant lack of balance in air mass distribution would also provide supporting energy to the tropical depression. The earth’s rotation causes the structure to spin, an effect known as Coriolis Effect, which gives a cyclonic characteristic and affects the course of the storm.

The factors that shape a tropical depression include pre-existing weather disturbance, moisture, moderately light winds in the air, and warm tropical oceans.

If the precise conditions persist, it will allow creating a feedback loop through take full advantage of the energy intake possible, such as high winds to increase the speed of evaporation and combine to produce violent winds, torrential rains, incredible waves, and floods connected with tropical depression.

A mature tropical depression can release heat at a rate of 6×1014 watts upwards. Tropical depression on sea cause huge waves, high winds, heavy rain, which disrupts international shipping and sometimes ships sinking. However, the most distressing effects of tropical depressions happen when they cross coastlines making landfall.

They can do direct damage on land such as destroying buildings, vehicles, bridges, and turn loose flying debris which makes the outdoor environment even more unsafe.
Tropical depressions can do serious damage to properties and lives as well, however with modern forecasting of this phenomenon, precautions and warnings can be given before it hits, and prevents enormous harm to assets and human life.

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